Do you have questions regarding stalled wounds? Ask Anne!

Are you wondering about how Woulgan works, which kind of wounds it should be used on, or how often you should apply it? Or maybe you have a question about wound care in general?

We’ve just installed a new feature here on – a live chat with our wound expert Anne!

Anne is a registered nurse with special education as District Nurse and 10 years of working experience as such. After her nursing period she began working in the wound care industry and has been active there for 30 years and counting.

From now on you can chat with Anne anywhere on our website as long as she’s online. Otherwise you can leave a message for her anytime and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Remember to state your name and e-mail address in that case so that you can be notified.

Please note: This service is intended for health care professionals and does not replace consultation with your doctor!

Anne will answer questions about wound care and stalled wound healing in general and the use of Woulgan in particular.

We hope that this feature will be useful to you!