Reactivating stalled wounds with soluble beta-glucan

Inflammation is a natural response to the formation of a wound, denoting that the body’s microbiological processes are actively trying to repair the ulcer site. The uptick in microbiological activity appears as inflammation, redness and warmth around the wound. However, excess, uncontrolled long-term inflammation is a sign that the body’s immune system is not functioning … Continue reading ›

Woulgan User Guidance Video

The Woulgan team is proud to present the new Woulgan user guidance video! “A picture speaks more than a thousand words” is a famous saying. With the time restrictions experienced by nurses, we hope that our brand new video will help you to get a quick grasp of how Woulgan reactivates stalled healing, how to … Continue reading ›

Management approaches to restart healing in stalled wounds

At any point in the healing trajectory, a wound can become stalled. That is, the wound initially began to heal, but patient- or wound-related factors have prevented the wound from continuing to heal in an orderly and timely manner. The wound is stuck — ‘stalled’ — in the inflammatory phase, as indicated by a lack … Continue reading ›