It all started with Murphy’s law

Serendipity can be said to be at play when researchers, looking for a solution to a problem, unintentionally uncover the answer to something else. This is exactly what happened in Tromsø, a town far north in Norway, in 1987. Jan Raa is a Norwegian microbiologist that worked as a professor at the University of Tromsø … Continue reading ›

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How to boost the patient’s own ability to heal wounds

There are generally 3 overall factors influencing the outcome of wound healing: The Health care professional’s expertise & service provided The treatment plan & therapy provided The patient health When it comes to the actual closing of a wound, this is performed by the patient’s own repair function and immune system. Many associates growing old … Continue reading ›

The Hard Choice

Selecting the appropriate dressing for stalled wounds based on mode of action Author: Keith Cutting, Clinical Research Consultant, Hertfordshire, UK.   Wound dressing selection is an imprecise procedure that can have considerable implications for patient wellbeing and wound progress. When considering the role that dressings have to play in creating an environment that is conducive … Continue reading ›