reACTivate stalled wounds

Are you in need of ways to heal wounds faster, or finding new approaches to deal with stalled wounds?

“When wound healing stalls, your therapy should be ACTive” – this is the saying of our soon to be launched ACT resource centre. It is packed with helpful resources and tools that will assist health care professionals in their clinical practice within wound healing. We are aware of the challenges you face on a daily basis in terms of lack of time, the importance of increasing the quality of life for your patients, and of course the challenges dealing with hard-to-heal wounds. With this in mind, we have gathered a bunch of information that we hope can offer some value, and benefit and assist you in your clinical practice.

We will offer new approaches for difficult wounds. We’ll also supply you with information that highlights the importance of proper wound assessment, which can identify if a wound has stalled or not and when to intervene with active therapies. The knowledge that can be contained from our ACT resource centre will also make it possible for you to develop and improve on a professional level within the wound care field.

Do you want to learn how to heal wounds faster? Are you curious to know why wound assessment is so important and how the get the best out of the assessment? Do you know what identifies a stalled wound? You will have answers to these questions and many others after the launch. In addition, you will gain a better understanding and more knowledge about Woulgan Bioactive Beta-Glucan Gel.

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