New distributor for Woulgan in Germany

Biotec Pharmacon ASA has entered into a distribution agreement for Woulgan® with the German distributor Rogg Verbandstoffe GmbH (Rogg).

Biotec is pleased to announce Rogg as the first German distribution partner of Woulgan. The agreement is in line the Biotec’s outlook to secure one or more distribution agreement in Germany during 2016. With its 20 sales reps, Rogg is well positioned to succeed with Woulgan in their focused segments and we look forward to start the co-operation, says Svein Lien, CEO of Biotec Pharmacon.

Woulgan is a premium priced product targeting hard to heal wounds in the professional wound care market. Clinical experience with Woulgan® demonstrate significantly improved healing, less pain and improved comfort during the treatment period compared to most common therapies.

Rogg is a German company founded in 1970 and is one of Germany’s leading suppliers of wound care products to the health sector. The company is primarily supplying physician offices and pharmacies, which are important segments for Woulgan. Rogg is owned and run by Prof. Dr. Dr Ulrich Hemel, who has a long track record managing wound care companies.

Woulgan is an exciting product with a lot of potential that is going to be interesting to work with going forward. Woulgan will be a prioritized product in our product portfolio and will strengthen our position within the professional wound care market. We are eager to get started securing a strong position for Woulgan in the German market, says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hemel, CEO of Rogg Verbandstoffe.

Under the terms of the agreement, Rogg becomes a preferred partner for distribution to physician offices and pharmacies, which means Biotec will avoid conflicting distribution to these segments, while distribution to hospitals and home care providers are not part of the agreement. The agreement has an initial term of one year with the aim to prolong it into a longer-term agreement thereafter. Biotec will support Rogg through its marketing division and expects limited costs to incur.

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Svein Lien, CEO, +47 922 89 323,

About Biotec Pharmacon ASA: Biotec Pharmacon ASA is the parent company of Biotec BetaGlucans AS and ArcticZymes AS. Biotec BetaGlucans develops, manufactures and markets novel immunomodulating products, including Woulgan, a premium priced product in the advanced wound care market. ArcticZymes develops, produces and markets enzymes of marine origin used in molecular DNA technologies and diagnostics.

About Rogg Verbandstoffe GmbH& Co.KG  Rogg Verbandstoffe GmbH&Co.KG stands for „Healthy innovation“ and has achieved a position as one of the most innovative providers for Modern Wound Care in Germany including a wide portfolio of products in the field of bandages, dressings, and disinfection. The company has a sales force covering all German regions and a large experience in marketing new and innovative products such as Biotec’s Woulgan.

3 responses to “New distributor for Woulgan in Germany

  1. My husband had a ruptured Achilles’ tendon , operation 1st June 2016 , wound partially healed , have tried variou dressings etc including a PICO system , now under a plastic surgeon , could I suggest Woulgan application and could it be prescribed by Consultant or GP , live in Bromley , see above at Harley street .
    I was an SRN , have been looking up Woulgan online , sounds an exciting product , we are trying to avoid further surgery , please give us more information re product . Thank you .

    1. From the limited information here it sounds like Woulgan could be an option, We’ll put you in contact with our personell in the UK and then they can follow up together with your health care professional. Best of luck!

  2. MY husband , Robert Evans is seeing plastic surgeon , Paul Roblin tomorrow afternoon in Harley Street , London , will ask him about Woulgan for my his chronic Achilles wound which is only partially healed after 4 months .

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