Here you can find the recording of Woulgan’s Satellite Symposium “Dramatically improve your healing rates with prompt addition of BetaGlucan ” at Wounds UK annual congress 2018 in Harrogate.

The symposium was divided into 4 sessions:

  1. Paul Chadwick: “Key Challenges in Wound Care 2018”
  2. Ingrid Skjæveland*: “What’s Woulgan Bioactive BetaGlucan”
  3. Kimberley Wilde: “Healing results when adding Woulgan”
  4. Q&A Session

Scroll down to watch the session you’re interested in.

*Error: There is a mistake in the presentation of the 4 weeks healing rates of Hunt JWC 2018 data, the results presented for 4 weeks are healing response, not healing rate.

Key Challenges in Wound care 2018

Speaker: Paul Chadwick

What’s Woulgan Bioactive BetaGlucan

Speaker: Ingrid Skjæveland

Healing results when adding Woulgan

Speaker: Kimberley Wilde

Q&A Session