All you need to know about when and how to use Woulgan

Woulgan Bioactive Beta-Glucan Gel is an active treatment for both acute and chronic wounds where wound healing is stalled, or is anticipated to heal slower than normal or is at high risk of becoming stalled. Woulgan has typical gel properties and contains the ancillary medicinal componant soluble beta-glucan (SBG), which activates white blood cells, in particular macrophages, essential for proper wound healing.


Applying Woulgan to the wound is simple. Cleanse and if necessary, debride, according to local practice and also protect the wound edges, if need be. Then cover the wound bed with a thin layer of Woulgan and apply a suitable secondary dressing.

When Woulgan Bioactive Beta-Glucan Gel is suitable

Woulgan is indicated for low to medium exudating stalled wounds such as:

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU)
  • Leg Ulcers
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Graft or Donor Sites
  • Open Surgical Wounds
  • Partial-Thickness Burns
  • Abrasions or Lacerations

Wounds can be described as stalled if the reduction in size is not at least 40% after proper use of standard of care within a 4 weeks treatment period.  If this is the case for your patient, we can recommend the use of Woulgan as an active treatment option.

When to stop/change treatment

Reassess the treatment with Woulgan after 4 weeks. If no improvements such as:

  • cleaner wound bed
  • healthier wound tissue
  • smaller size
  • less depth

are visible, you may consider discontinuing Woulgan treatment. Also, if the condition of the wound worsens, treatment should be discontinued.

Don’t use Woulgan in patients with a known allergy to some of its components.

Be aware that Woulgan will reactivate the healing process. This includes the inflammation phase which will be controlled and balanced by the activated macrophages. Do not confuse this reactivation with infection.

Read the full user manual

We have developed an extended user guideline for health care professionals wishing to use Woulgan Bioactive Beta-Glucan Gel on stalled wounds, that goes beyond the points mentioned in this post.