Woulgan on a stalled skin graft wound – Step by step illustrations of use

The following story is an example of how Woulgan is used in clinical practice. The patient had an accident resulting in a deep wound at his underarm which got infected. He therefore got a skin graft which turned out to be complicated to heal.

After unsuccessful attempts with honey products, treatment with Woulgan was initiated which is illustrated step by step below.

If you’re interested in reading the full patient history, you can do so here.

13th October 2016

Woulgan treatment was initiated. For the first two weeks, new Woulgan was applied twice a week. The last two weeks, it was applied once a week. As cover dressings, silicon sheets were used with a Mepilex on top.

Figure 1                                                                           Figure 2

19th October 2016

Figure 1: 3 remaining unhealed areas at the edge of the transplant. Some secretion seen in the removed dressing and some swelling and signs of inflammation present.
Figure 2: The largest area measured 3 cm. Some yellow necrosis/fibrin and coagulated secretion seen.

Figure 3                                                                         Figure 4

Figure 3: The wound was washed with a cleansing agent.
Figure 4: Mechanically debrided with a sharp tool.

Figure 5                                                                             Figure 6

Figure 5: Cleansed and debrided. Vital tissue seen in all wounds.
Figure 6: New Woulgan applied by using a plastic spatula.

Figure 7                                                                             Figure 8

Figure 7: A thin layer of Woulgan is enough
Figure 8: To protect the fragile tissue properly, a silicon net was applied as the contact layer. This was covered with a foam dressing.

Figure 9

14th November 2016

Figure 9: After 4 weeks of Woulgan treatment (6 applications), treatment was stopped. The open areas were filled up and had healed fast and nicely. No redness or maceration seen. To protect the fragile area, only a dry dressing was used.

No antibiotics or additional medication needed during the Woulgan treatment period. The patient experienced no discomfort or safety issues during the treatment. Both the patient and HCP were very satisfied with the result using Woulgan.

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