Woulgan User Guidance Video

The Woulgan team is proud to present the new Woulgan user guidance video!

“A picture speaks more than a thousand words” is a famous saying. With the time restrictions experienced by nurses, we hope that our brand new video will help you to get a quick grasp of how Woulgan reactivates stalled healing, how to use Woulgan correctly and what to look for! The video provides a quick introduction on how Woulgan promotes healing in each step of the wound healing process by targeting the macrophages. It also explains which wounds will benefit from Woulgan and how to apply the product. A guidance of what signs to look for in terms of improvements and when to stop the treatment are also provided – all in under 5 minutes.

We hope the video will be a nice supplement to our user guidance and that you and your co-workers will find it useful.