This page provides educational publications on Woulgan, its ingredients and its mode of action, in the form of scientific articles, posters and presentations for you. It will be updated regularly.

*Key publications are marked with stars.

Satellite Symposium at Wounds UK annual congress 2018, Harrogate

“Dramatically improve your healing rates with prompt addition of BetaGlucan”

  1. Paul Chadwick: “Key challenges in wound care 2018”
  2. Ingrid Skjæveland: “What’s Bioactive Beta-Glucan Gel?”
  3. Kimberley Wilde: “Healing results when adding Woulgan”

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Webinar about stalled wound healing and bioactive beta-glucan

presented by Journal of Wound Care and Woulgan, 2017

  • Module 1: “Understand why wounds stall and what happens at a molecular level”
  • Module 2: “Discover how macrophages in stalled wounds can be activated by stimulation with Bioactive BetaGlucan, restarting the healing process”

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Satellite Symposium at EWMA 2017

“Boost your treatment plans: Harness the power of macrophages in wound healing”

  1. Professor Augustin: “The local impact of non-healing wounds”
  2. Ron Lagerstee: “The central role of macrophages in wound healing and their activation by Bioactive Beta-Glucan to restart healing”
  3. Brenda King: “Bioactive Beta-Glucan in clinical practice: case reviews and proposed treatment plans”

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Norwegian Oral Presentation at NIFS 2015

Skjæveland & Gerdts

“The activation of macrophages leads to positive results in the treatment of chronic wounds in a Norwegian study”.

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(Note: The presentation is in Norwegian)

If you’re interested in reading more about stalled wound healing, soluble beta-glucan and macrophages, you can have a look at our past blog posts below:

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